Tile, Grout & Stone Cleaning for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Floors & More

You can spend hours on your hands and knees trying to get dirt, grime and muck out of the stone and tile surfaces in your home. Save the back-breaking work for the dirt and stain cleaning professionals at Chem-Dry.

Porous grout, tile, and stone can act like a magnet for dirt, dust and grime particles. As undesirables build up on your stone or tile surfaces, they can easily become a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.

Using Specialised cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, Chem-Dry can blast the dirt and grime from your tile, grout and stone, delivering a sparkling clean and extending its life.

Safeguard the health of your family and the beauty of your home with stone, tile and grout cleaning services from Chem-Dry.

Clean, Protect and Seal Surfaces

Keeping tile, stone, and grout clean can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be if you call the best cleaning company in the area to tackle your problems. Getting bathrooms, kitchens, walls or any other tile and stone surfaces professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months will ensure a long-lasting shine, and greatly reduce the amount of effort and money it takes to keep these areas looking beautiful.

Once our cleaning experts have your surfaces looking pristine, we will then apply a durable sealant that helps protect against dirt and other particles that can tarnish the look of stone, tile, and grout.

See here the difference a professional tile and stone cleaning can make:

Ask us about grout Colouring, grout Colour repair, stone Colour enhancing and other Chem-Dry tile, grout and stone services today! Additionally, our premium services can help you enhance and revitalise the look of your floors, counters, walls and other tile and stone surfaces.

Prepare your Home for Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning

Preparing for a stone, tile or grout cleaning is an easy 6 step plan. Follow the steps below to ensure your house is ready for your Chem-Dry cleaning.

Step 1: Remove Any Clutter. Our Chem-Dry cleaners will perform better with fewer items blocking the desired cleaning area. We don’t want clutter to get in the way, whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom or entryway. Not only that, but these items can be tripping hazards and we would like to ensure our cleaning professionals and you stay safe.

Step 2: Remove area rugs, mats, and other floor coverings. Set any floor coverings aside so the Chem-Dry technician will have clear access to the floor. This allows full manoeuvrability to apply the deep cleaning process to every part of stone and grout, providing a healthy shine.

Step 3: Move furniture out of the way. If you have kitchen tables, chairs, barstools over the area being cleaned, move these out of the way to a safe location. After the tile is cleaned and dry, you may move the furniture back and arrange it as you like.

Step 4: Sweep the area. This does not need to be anything more than a quick sweep to remove dust, loose dirt, and pieces of food. This will simplify the process and lower likelihood of the particles getting stuck to the ground once they are wet.

Step 5: Provide a clear path. Our Chem-Dry technician will need ready access to transport the equipment from the van to the area needing to be cleaned. Please provide a safe, clear path for the cleaning process.

Step 6: Prepare your pets. A new person in your house, particularly one bringing new equipment and new smells, can potentially agitate your pets, so make sure that you have prepared for this. Have a plan ready for where you will keep any pets during the cleaning.

Tile FAQ’s

How often should I clean my tile, stone and/or grout?
Foot traffic, children, pets and routine floor maintenance are all factors that need to be considered when deciding if your tile, stone and/or grout need to be cleaned.

Why should I have my stone, tile and grout cleaned?
Floors start to dull and discolour grout when there is dirt build up. With a professional cleaning, the dirt will be removed providing your floors with their original shine.

Why should I have my grout lines sealed?
Sealing grout lines prevents the porous material from absorbing soil and spills. When grout lines are sealed, they prevent a barrier so you have more time to clean up spills and dirt before it soaks in. There are different types of sealant depending on the level of stain resistance you are looking for.

*Each location is independently owned and operated and all services are not offered at every location. Please inquire about the services you require to ensure they are offered by your local operator.

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