Need Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney? Call Chem-Dry for an Alternative to Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaning your furniture’s upholstery semi-regularly will keep the furniture looking clean and fresh, and could even extend the lifespan of the upholstery. Though it only uses water and heat—as opposed to chemicals—steam cleaning still removes stains, kills bacteria, eradicates mould, and even removes odours.

Unfortunately, there is one big drawback to using steam cleaners in Sydney to clean your upholstery: the drying cycle. Steam cleaners use a substantial amount of water to achieve a real deep clean. While professional steam cleaning technicians will be able to clean up some of the excess water produced by the cleaning process, your upholstery will probably still be fairly wet by the time the process finishes. You will need to let the upholstery dry, which means that you won’t be able to use your furniture again right away.

Chem-Dry: A Faster Way to Do Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney

If you are thinking about hiring a company to do steam cleaning in Sydney but would rather not deal with the long drying cycle, then Chem-Dry might be able to help. Our proprietary cleaning method has been used on carpets, rugs, upholstery and even grout. Like steam cleaners, Chem-Dry doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to remove stains, odours, or dirt particles. Like steam cleaners, our method uses water and heat as a primary defence. Unlike steam cleaning, though, Chem-Dry uses carbonated water, which makes all the difference.

With carbonated water, Chem-Dry can provide a service that trumps traditional steam cleaning at every level. Chem-Dry can remove about 98% of all allergens from carpet and upholstery. The main difference is that our method uses about 80% less water than what you would get from most steam cleaners in Sydney. 80% less water means that your upholstery never has to get as wet to achieve a comparable level of cleanliness. As a result, your furniture will dry faster, and you will be able to start using it again sooner.

Start Enjoying Sooner with Chem-Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Have you been considering upholstery steam cleaning for your furniture in Sydney? If so, be aware that it might take a day or two for your furniture to dry out completely. If you are expecting company at your home or simply need to use your furniture tonight, this long dry cycle might not work for you.

Luckily, there is another option for your upholstery cleaning needs in Sydney. With Chem-Dry, it’s possible to get clean, fresh, like-new furniture that dries in one to two hours. You won’t need to pull extra furniture out of the basement, or repeatedly remind your kids not to get on the recently cleaned furniture. On the contrary, you can just go out for a couple of hours, grab a bite to eat or run a few errands and come back to completely clean and dry couches and chairs. Upholstery cleaning has never been so convenient.

Don’t put off upholstery cleaning because you don’t want to deal with wet furniture. Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis is healthy, and with Chem-Dry, it’s also no-fuss. Call us today on 1800-243-637 for the Sydney steam cleaning replacement you’ve been seeking.