Why You Should Call Professional Upholstery Steam Cleaners in North Sydney

No feeling is more satisfying than returning to a beautiful, fresh, and clean home after a busy day at work, especially on the days when you’re rushed off your feet non-stop. Our homes provide us with a place to unwind and take a load off our feet, but when we’re so busy, we can neglect cleaning from time to time. Unfortunately, it only takes a few days of neglect for the challenge of tidying the place up to become daunting, and if you have stained or smelly upholstery, you might not be able to restore your home to its former glory without professional help.

Fortunately, professional steam cleaners in North Sydney can freshen up your upholstery and carpets to give you a home you can feel proud of once again. The best cleaners use innovative pieces of equipment and high-quality cleaning solutions to make your upholstery look and smell as good as new, and they can be in and out of your home in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, many companies utilise a steam cleaning technique that uses a significant amount of water, meaning you may have to wait for days for your upholstery to dry completely.

At Chem-Dry, we guarantee you won’t have to wait for days on end for your carpets and upholstery to dry because our cleaning process uses up to 80 percent less water than standard cleaning methods. Plus, if you’re looking for an experienced company, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve been in the business since 1977, and we’ve been the global market leader in our industry for decades. Below, we detail a few compelling reasons why you should call our professionals for steam cleaning in North Sydney today.

The Benefits of Upholstery Cleaning in North Sydney

There’s no need to have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned every week, but it’s smart to call our professionals for such a service from time to time for the following reasons:

  • Live in a hazard-free environment – Upholstery and carpets can be a hotbed for many types of bacteria and toxins that are harmful to your health. Our cleaners remove 98 percent of bacteria from your upholstery and 89 percent of airborne bacteria, allowing you to remain healthy in a stylish and safe home.
  • Protect your pets and children – Of course, you could purchase chemical solutions to clean your upholstery, but those chemicals could be harmful to pets and infants, and they probably aren’t as efficient as our environmentally-friendly steam cleaning method. We don’t use any toxic substances to remove stains and toxins from your upholstery.
  • Feel proud of your home – Your property is likely the most valuable asset in your possession, meaning you should keep on top of cleaning and maintenance. There’s no better way to clean upholstery and carpets than by calling our professionals to do the hard work for you.

Our Professionals Are at Your Disposal

Thanks to our global network of franchises, we can reach your property in North Sydney and beyond at a time that suits you. Because we use 80 percent less water than most cleaners when maintaining your upholstery, your furnishings will be completely dry in less than a couple of hours. Contact us today to make an appointment.