Need Steam Cleaning or Upholstery Cleaning in Bondi? We Guarantee Safety and Good Health

Steam and upholstery cleaning are both necessary because we want to live in clean and safe spaces. You can now enjoy the services of a professional at your convenience here in Bondi. Steam cleaning leaves your home, office, or business sparkling clean and destroys harmful contaminants such as germs, bacteria, and viruses. Most of the conventional cleaning products individuals use to clean their homes, contain toxic chemicals that produce fumes sometimes resulting in asthmatic or allergic reactions. Therefore, hiring a steam cleaning service in Bondi is a great investment for people who want to minimise or eradicate chemical use and deep clean their homes. Luckily, most of our surfaces at our homes such as vinyl floors, bathroom fixtures and countertops, bathtubs and sink basins, cement or tile, polyurethane wood, some kids’ toys and other surfaces are ideal candidates for steam cleaning.

Just as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning in Bondi is important because it helps improve the appearance of your sofas and chairs. The cleaning leaves them bright and removes stains or spots. Upholstery cleaning also removes odour from the fabric leaving it smelling fresh. Allergen removal is also enhanced when professionals perform upholstery cleaning. The durability of your furniture is enhanced because this clean up removes all dirt and dust.

Steam cleaning in Bondi

Chem-Dry is a professional cleaning company that has over 25 years’ experience in steam cleaning. Our cleaners are certified technicians who are well, trained to use advanced equipment for steam cleaning. We pride ourselves on having satisfied customers here in Bondi who always come back for services and refer other clients to us. Unlike traditional steam cleaning methods, our steam cleaning process involves little water, short dry time (1-2hours), no harmful chemicals, no residue and use of powerful cleaning solutions. We care about the health of your family, and thus we use green solutions when cleaning. Chem-Dry has revolutionised steam cleaning services to make sure you get thorough, quality, and safe cleaning.

Upholstery cleaning in Bondi

Our skilled technicians offer a full upholstery job to revitalise and prolong the durability of your sofas, mattresses, armchairs, and other fabrics. Chem-Dry ensures you receive the top cleaning results at affordable prices for the entire Bondi area. We apply both deep- and dry-steam methods to clean your upholstery meticulously. We first inspect the upholstery and then offer the suitable cleaning technique. We consider the stains, structure, and texture of the fabrics and chemical composition. Our furniture cleaners are well-trained in sofa and armchair cleaning and mattress sanitation so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that your home furnishing is in professional hands.

Whether your sofa is made of leather or suede, we will offer excellent cleaning services and leave your couch spotless. We use wet or dry methods for the ground dirt and stubborn stain.

Get in touch today. Call us toll-free on (1800 243-637) for a premium steam and upholstery cleaning service in Bondi. Our friendly customer care can offer you with more details about our services, offers and exclusive discounts. Get a free quote and enjoy the same day service by Chem-Dry Bondi’s top cleaners.