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Australian Residents in Cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide Looking for Better Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The majority of homes in Australia are carpeted. People love carpet because it is warm and comfortable, is not slippery like hard floors can be, absorbs sound well, and is low-maintenance. But as everyone with carpet knows, it gets dirty. Fortunately, keeping it clean is simple; it requires little besides regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning. Keeping your carpet clean is important because clean carpet is free of pollutants, dust mites, and mold. That’s where Chem-Dry comes in. From carpet cleaning in Sydney and Brisbane, to carpet cleaning in Melbourne and Adelaide, steam cleaning has been a popular method, but Chem-Dry goes above and beyond traditional steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is what many people think of when they think of carpet cleaning. But Chem-Dry’s approach is better. For one, their unique process uses much less water than steam cleaning, which means you’re your carpet will be dry much sooner. And Chem-Dry also gets your carpet cleaner with their special carbonated cleaner. The carbonation lifts dirt out of your carpet for a thorough clean. Chem-Dry saves you time and money by using a fast-drying process that extends the life of your carpet. Chem-Dry takes care of your carpet so you don’t have to spend hours steam cleaning and waiting for it to dry.

To Optimize Your Carpet Cleaning, Adelaide and Other Residents Should Follow a Few Simple Steps

Chem-Dry will keep your carpet looking new or return it to earlier levels of cleanliness. You can help keep your carpet looking good between appointments by vacuuming a few times a week and cleaning up spills immediately. To clean up a spill and prevent most stains, remove the excess liquid, then apply Chem-Dry’s Professional Strength Spot Remover. Blot with a clean cloth – never rub, or you might worsen the stain.

And Chem-Dry not only has the solution to your problem, they also have the best solution for your carpet – literally. Chem-Dry’s special carpet cleaning product, “The Natural,” is Green Certified, highly effective, and dries fast – in just one to two hours. The Natural is safe for your children and pets, and does not leave behind soapy residue to attract more dirt.

No Carpet, or Uncarpeted Areas? Chem-Dry Has the Key to Cleaning Most Any Hard Surface

And carpet cleaning in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide is far from the only service that Chem-Dry offers. They also do a top-notch job restoring your tile and grout to its original shine and beauty with special cleaning solutions and powerful equipment. Tile and grout should be professionally cleaned once every 12 to 18 months to keep it looking new, and Chem-Dry can apply a long-lasting sealant to maintain its cleanliness between visits. Chem-Dry can also revive walls, floors, and counters. So whatever it is in your home that needs attention, Chem-Dry is the solution.

So call Chem-Dry today to schedule a free in-home consultation – or schedule a cleaning appointment online. With providers all over Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, it’s easy to find a Chem-Dry location near you.